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April 21, 2014

10:00 AM - Library Opens

10:00AM - Story Time

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6:30PM - PC Basics / Intro to Windows

8:00 PM - Library Closes

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Microsoft Excel

Spreadsheets make it easier to view lists and numbers in an organized manner. Data can be sorted, filtered, and combined to suit your needs. Learn how to use spreadsheets to organize and manage all kinds of data.

This multi-part class covers the basics of creating a spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel 2007.

Part 1 - We will review the different parts of the Microsoft Excel Window and how they are used. Students will create a basic Excel worksheet representing a household budget for a single month. Topics include what is a spreadsheet, creating and saving a MS Excel Workbook, entering data, formatting cells and data, as well as performing simple calcualtions.

Part 2 - We will expand on our budget project by adding colums to report on our actual expenses and comparing them to our budget. Topics will include learning how to insert columns and rows, sorting data, and conditional formatting. Additional calculations will be performed and the autofill handle will be introduced.

Part 3- our MS Excel workbook will expand to contain a worksheet for multiple months with a summary sheet providing information for the entire year. We will also insert a graph to visually display our expenses and savings. Topics include copying, deleting, and renaming worksheets as well as basic graphic skill. Time permitting, we will discuss other applications for Excel workbook.

Bonus Topics - several topics are included in the lesson plan and will be reviewed if time permits. These include: Calculations using Time, Conditional Formulas, and Pivot Tables

Students should have a basic knowledge of Windows and good mousing skills.

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Fee: $15.00

Classes are limited to 9 participants
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Activity Resources:

Microsoft Excel - Lesson Plan

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Microsoft Excel - Quick Reference

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Microsoft Excel - Window and Ribbon Components

Open in browser


Microsoft Excel - Monthly Income.xlsx (for in class exercise)

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Microsoft Excel - Time Calculation Example

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